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Cristina Re Photoshoot for New Catalogue with Flowers Vasette

My beautiful friend Elle Alihos from Cristina Re organized this amazing and magical photo shoot to launch the new range for Cristina Re and asked me to create the floral. I love having such talented friends! Truly blessed!!!… and it helps I get the best flowers in Melbourne to play with.. Thanks Caroline and Cherrie, the buyers for Flowers Vasette xx

Photographer(s): Cristina Re, Patrick Hang and Elle Alihos @ Cristina Re Designs

Hair Stylist: Sofia Azorakos @ Sogo Hair Body Image

Flowers: Flowers Vasette

Bridal Grown: Baccini and Hill

Model(s): Fiona Hopkins @ Cameron’s  / Lorraine Montalvão


This year the Poppy quality was amazing!!!

They are usually very droopy, break easily or don’t open. There is a lot of love and attention that goes into getting a bunch of Poppies to open. They need to have their ends dipped in boiling hot water, fresh-cut, fresh water, leaving in sunlight, fight off a million bees and this starts a week out from the wedding. If opening fails, it takes hours with a tweezer to peel off the furry pod layer that protects the flower…  Then the fun part of guessing what colour they will be begins… I love a good surprise…

…as much as I love a wedding filled with Poppies!!


I have always wanted to carve a Pumpkin!.. With Jeff Leatham being in town and it being Halloween, it was the perfect present to give him..

Myer Instore Presentation with Jeff Leatham

Jeff did an amazing presentation at the Myer Melbourne store the week of Spring Racing. Alan and I, from Flowers Vasette were lucky enough to help out… He definitely knows how to work with colour, and show off the Waterford Crystal!! Amaze!

Jeff Leatham

A few weeks ago for Spring Racing I was lucky enough to be an assistant for the amazing Jeff Leatham. He is known for his amazing creations at the George V in Paris. Myer bought him over to design the Marquee for the Bird Cage at Melbourne Cup Carnival, along with Flowers Vasette and Gloss Creative. For each race day the design changed. Check it out…race day the design changed. Check it out…He is just so lovely!

Lets get started!!!

Hello Friends,

My name is Sammy Perry and I am the wedding and event stylist for Flowers Vasette, Melbourne’s Flower destination since 1989.  My blog is here to inspire you, teach you,  keep you up to date with creative imaginative designs, and showcase what I am designing for Flowers Vasette. I also want to provide you with honest answers to the million wedding questions I’m sure most brides in waiting have. So if you have any questions, not necessarily floristry related about weddings and events shoot them my way. I will be happy to answer them.

Stay tuned for images from the 6 weddings last weekend…they were all pretty amazing! ( if i do say so myself)

Much Love

Sammy xx


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